Setauket and Brookhaven History Through the Murals of Vance Locke

Setauket and Brookhaven history is illustrated with the murals of artist Vance Locke, photographs by Beverly Tyler and some historic images. The chapters are arranged based on the location of the murals starting from the front of the Woodhull Auditorium with the Setalcott Native American Village and going clock-wise around the Auditorium. 

The complete Setauket and Brookhaven history is contained in an attached PDF file that you can print. Photos of the mural are courtesy the Three Village Central School District. All photos are by Beverly Tyler. This first mural by Vance Locke pictures a small Setalcott Native American Village along the shoreline of Setauket or Stony Brook in the 1600s, prior to European contact. There is a hunter, a woman making wampum, and women grinding corn. Men are smoking fish and spearing fish from a trap. On the left a man is bringing in a deer. The Long Island deer was the most important source of food, clothing, tools and weapons for the Native Americans. There is a clay vessel on the central fire probably containing a stew of meat or fish, some cultivated crops and other gathered ingredients.

Table of Contents

  1. Setalcott Native American Village

  2. Farming

  3. The Mill

  4. The Blacksmith

  5. Shipbuilding

  6. Cutting Ice on the Millpond

  7. The Doctor and the General Store

  8. Purchase of Land

  9. Governor William Tryon Visiting Setauket, December 10, 1776

  10. The Spy Ring - Night Scene

  11. Raid on Fort St. George in Mastic

  12. Austin Roe Riding from Brooklyn Ferry

  13. General Samuel Parsons' Raid on Setauket - August 22, 1777


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