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Teachers Guide to Discover Setauket

 This Teacher's Guide was developed to provide supplementary material for teachers on the history of Setauket, Brookhaven's Original Settlement. 

The program material is divided into sections (see table of contents - page three of PART 1) and the three parts are available below as separate PDF files.

It is structured so you can use any part of the material on its own. The one unifying factor that ties the material together is the student workbook Discover Setauket, Brookhaven's Original Settlement.  A Teacher's Guide is considered to be "a work in progress." We hope to add to it and make it more useful each year.

COVER  - INTRODUCTION - A Teacher's Guide

PART 1  - EXPLORING - A Teacher's Guide

PART 2  - DOCUMENTS - A Teacher's Guide

PART 3  - REFERENCE GUIDE to Discover Setauket, Brookhaven's Original Settlement

NOTE: Discover Setauket, Brookhaven's Original Settlement is available from The three Village Historical Society, 93 North Country Road, Setauket, NY 11733. Tel: 631-751-3730 E-mail:  Web:

The cost of Discover Setauket, Brookhaven's Original Settlement is $6.00 per workbook with a 50% reduction for 10 or more copies to one address. 

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